Typewriters & Life

Gift boxes full of vintage inspired Bible study items were handed out as women walked into the room. As they untied the twine and opened the box, they found a typewritten prayer from scripture on top.

My favorite moment of the night was Michelle telling me how warm that typewritten verse on yellowed paper made her feel.  How unusual in this day for someone to take the time to type. How it made her feel loved and valued.

It made me think of life. A life full of word processors and send buttons and instant messaging and email and texts and tweets and. . . well. . . a life full of impersonal moments of connection.

The typewriter.  A few stored away in dusty attics or musty basements. A few found in antique stores here and there. A few found on desks of old newspaper offices, pastor’s studies and other hold outs. . . clinging to the past.

I want a typewriter. I want to take some moments to feel the hardness of the keys under my fingers. I want to hear the sound of the keys hitting the paper and the roller. I want to reach up and rip the page out instead of hitting a send button. I want it to be personal.

Sometimes we need to stop and connect in a personal way. Sometimes we need to have typewriter days. I want more typewriter days. . .

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