I am about to check into a hotel for a three day writing retreat. I have deadlines and trying to write in the midst of life as normal is just not working. I get so distracted. Write a paragraph then go put a load of laundry in. Then on the way back to the computer I notice that the mail just came. Go get the mail. Open mail. Deal with mail. Remember that I’m writing so back to the computer I go. Phone call. Someone is coming to pick up some paperwork I haven’t signed yet. Go print off paperwork. Sign paperwork. Organize paperwork. Answer door. Chat. Realize I need to change laundry out. On the way back to the computer start cleaning the house. Remember that I’m writing so put broom up. Sit back down to reread paragraph to remind myself what I was doing.

So that is why I’m going to a hotel where there is no laundry, no house to clean, no dog barking, no husband and no teenagers. (No husband and no teenagers make me sad. No dog, laundry and house to clean does not make me sad.)

I am reminded that in the busyness of life it is so hard sometimes to think. It is so hard to focus. It is hard to hear from God at times.


We need more of it. We need to unplug. We need to sit in stillness and listen.

Recently my son went to a retreat where they had 30 minute blocks of solitude. He came home with a decision about something in his life that had been obvious to me for a while. Not so obvious to him until he found solitude. And there he heard God. Clearly.

Find some solitude. Even for just a few moments. No music. No computer. No distractions. Just you alone. . . and God.


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