Pull a Valentine from your box. . .

Have you ever thought what it would be like if God wrote you a Valentine? What would He say to you?

I see you thinking you are a nobody. But, you are my princess.

When it’s so dark and you can’t seem to see light. . . I’m right beside you even if you can’t see me or feel me.

I hear your cries at night. No one should have done that to you. I love you with an everlasting love. I came to set you free from that.

That hard shell isn’t fooling me. One crack and you think you’ll break apart. Let me in.

That thing. The one that makes you feel like you are choking. Yes, that one. Give it to me. Let me handle it.

I forgave you years ago. Why keep bringing it up? When you asked, I forgave. End of discussion. I love you too much to keep bringing it up.

When you feel unimportant- look at the cross. You were just that important to me.

That deep dark secret- I know it. I so want to help you. Bring it to me. Don’t hide anymore.

That addiction that you try to hide. Quit feeling guilty. Tell me about it. I came not to condemn but to set you free.

Quit thinking you can’t come to me because of your past. I’m all about forgiveness. And I’m more interested in your future. A future full of life.

When you look in the mirror and think you’re ugly. . .remember I think you are beautiful. I made you, you know.

You are more beautiful than you can imagine. I love you with an everlasting love.

When you think you are all alone and no one loves you. . . I do.

I see the sadness in your heart. I want to heal your pain.

I came to give you life. Real life. Eternal life. You don’t have to keep living like this. Come to me.

Pick a Valentine. He’s already sent it to you. Just open your heart to receive it.

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